Quilt Across Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Quilt Across Texas?
Quilt Across Texas (QAT) is a statewide event made up of 58 wonderful quilt shops working together to host an event like no other in the quilting industry.  Each shop will offer the very best in quilting and sewing products, service and fun throughout the event.

When is the event?
QAT takes place during the month of September.

How do I participate?

Simply visit one of the participating shops and purchase your catalog to the event, which is called The Guide. The Guide can be purchased in the stores, or online through the various websites (after June 1, 2014). The cost of The Gide is $5, and it contains a $5 coupon that may be redeemed in any of the 58 locations, during the month of September, 2014. The Guide also contains helpful information about the shops, so keep it close at hand when you are traveling. Once you have your catalog, gather up your friends and plan your route!

When will prizes be awarded?

Plans are for prizes to be awarded prior to November 1, once all passports have been entered and verified.

How will I get my prize?
Prizes will be shipped UPS, or delivered via email when possible.

What if I lose my Guide?
If you lose your Guide you must purchase another one. Your prior visits will be lost so be sure and hang on to it.

What if a store forgets to stamp my Guide?
Be sure and ask the store to stamp your guide before you leave. it is the responsibility of the participant to be sure the store stamps the passport.

Where can I find directions to the stores?
The store addresses will be listed in The Guide. The best method for obtaining maps is via an online map site like MapQuest.

Will all the stores be open on Sunday?
All stores will be open Monday - Saturday from 10:00am to 5:00pm at a minimum. Some stores will be open on Sunday but you should check with the store to be sure. All stores will be open Labor Day.

The rules say “and at least four shops in 5
(out of 3) regions”.  What does that mean?

To be eligible for the statewide grand prizes, one must visit all the shops in one of the five regions plus four or more shops within each of the four remaining regions.

To be eligible for just the region prizes, one must visit all of the shops within that region (or regions).

Be sure to read about all the fabulous prizes being offered, and then make your plans to visit the shops of your choice!

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